Heathers for Sale in Colchester, Essex

As a large independent garden nursery, we are pleased to bring you a wide variety of heathers for sale in Colchester, Essex, primarily stocking the Calluna and Erica species. Calluna are summer flowering, requiring a moist acidic soil, whereas Erica varieties are lime tolerant and winter flowering. Additionally, we offer the less common summer flowering Daboecia heather with its unusual panicles of bell-shaped flowers, together with a good selection of the larger growing tree heathers and Erica arborea. Speak to our team or pop by the nursery to check our stock levels and purchase the heathers you require.

PLANT UPDATE: The Covid-19 pandemic has seen unprecendented times for everyone and this has been felt keenly in our plant department. We are experiencing high demand for plants and are having some supplier issues with many of our suppliers remaining closed or having delays in production. We are getting stock in very regularly but product availability is difficult to predict. If you are after something specific please call before you travel. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and wish you happy gardening.

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